Selwan Amari

Selwan Amari

Selwan Amari is a fourth year Sociology undergraduate at UC Berkeley. She is interested in pursuing a career in community outreach, education, counseling, social services, social justice and advocacy. Currently, she is an administrative assistant at Averroes High School in Fremont. Over the past 4 years, she has demonstrated skills in nonprofit organizations’ management, community outreach, fundraising, and leadership. Selwan is passionate about strengthening underrepresented communities. She is especially passionate about her community; the Yemeni community. She intends to use her Sociology degree to help improve the way of life for minorities and communities through social justice and activism. Selwan is a member of the Youth Leadership Team at the Yemeni American Youth Center. She joined the team to assist and advise the Yemeni youth in any capacity possible. She believes that the Yemeni youth are the driving force in the community’s advancement

When it comes to challenges youth face in the academic field, I can attest to how difficult it can be for students to transition from high school to college or from college to university. The transitioning process can be stressful and overwhelming. I know it was for me 4 years ago. I remember that it was challenging because I did not reach out for help. I did not take advantage of the resources surrounding me and there were so many. I thought I was independent enough. So I worked a lot and paid for my classes, books, parking, and everything without realizing that I could have gotten help for it. I did that for my first year in college. My second year however, I started networking and learning more about the different services, programs, and resources the school offered students. I simply started asking more questions. I applied for financial aid, I applied for multiple scholarships, I reached out to my professors to write me recommendation letters, and I just kept learning more and more about how I can be resourceful. My second year was great. I did not have to worry about anything else besides my academics, which is how it’s supposed to be. The resources are out there, you just need to do your part as the student and utilize them. I wish I knew then what I know now. It would have made my first year much easier and less stressful. But I didn’t. I didn’t know better. And that’s why I want the youth of the Yemeni community to know better and do better so that we can move forward, rather than remain stagnant. As a member of the Youth Leadership Team, and as a certified College English Reading and Writing Tutor, I extend my help to the Yemeni youth. I am prepared to assist high school and college students complete their college applications, edit their personal insight questions, help create their resumes and more. This center, and this youth leadership program, is a resource and a tool for the youth to utilize. This time the resource is reaching out to the youth, offering help. We urge the youth to take advantage of this resource as much as possible. We want to hear from you all with any concerns, questions, ideas, feedback, or suggestions. We encourage you to contact the Yemeni American Youth Center and use this platform to simply express what you’re thinking without any restraints and without any limitations.

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