Bayan Al- Badani

Bayan Al- Badani

My name is Bayan Muhammad Al-Badani. I am a senior student at Oakland International High school.

Biography: Bayan Albadani is a senior in Oakland international High School. She is a member of the Yemeni American Youth Leadership team. She won first place in the Yemeni American writers competition for the Arabic novel contest. Bayan is passionate about empowering women and given them the tools to succeed.

I am a member of the Youth Leadership Team at the Yemeni American Youth Center. I won first place in the Yemeni American Young Writers Contest in story writing. I am passionate about helping the Yemeni community here in the US, supporting them and advocating on behalf of them.

I love reading and writing, and I hope to develop my writing skills to become an author in the future. My dream is to attend Harvard University and I have been working so hard to achieve it. I am also trying hard to be active in the field of women’s rights, specially Muslim woman. As a newcomer to the US, one of the difficulties i am facing here is that English is my second language but i am putting great effort to learn and improve my reading, writing and speaking skills.

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