Holistic Women’s Wellness

Holistic Women’s Wellness

Holistic  women’s wellness Program


The Yemeni American Youth Center is pleased to launch its first women’s wellness program, that  focuses on:

Nutrition & Fitness, Parenting, and Spiritual connection.

Five live webinars – monthly:

  • Health coaching (nutrition, fitness, and self-care)            
  • Parenting challenges – tips and advice                                               
  • Spiritual connection and a purposeful lifestyle.  

➤Nutrition and Fitness

    Sunday, Sep 6 @ 5:30- 6:50pm(PST)

➤Self care practices      

    Sunday, Sep 20 @ 5:30- 6:50pm(PST)    

➤Parenting Challenges                   

    Sunday, Oct 11 @ 5:00- 6:40pm(PST)

➤Tips and advices on Parenting

    Friday, Nov 6 @ 3:30- 4:50pm(PST) 

➤Purposeful lifestyle 

    Friday, Dec 4 @ 3:30- 4:50pm (PST) 


 Host: Health Coach  Seena Almahan

 With specialized (Women guest speakers)

Zoom link will be provided upon request

To register:     info@yarcenter.org/  510-467-6440               

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