Aseel Fara

Aseel Fara

Aseel is a 20-year-old college student attending San Francisco State University. As a third-year student, Aseel is majoring in Political Science and minoring in Psychology. He plans on attending law school when he finishes college. Currently, Aseel is an intern for San Francisco’s District 10 Supervisor, Shamman Walton. As an intern, he has been working closely with Shamman pushing for reparations for our African American community. Aseel has also been working closely with COVID-19 testing sights in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood during this pandemic. In addition to Aseel’s involvement in City Hall, he also knows how to run a business, where he works as a manager at AMC Theatres. Despite his age, Aseel quickly rose to the top starting as a crew member and working his way into a management position. As a manager, his duties include training, motivating, and developing an effective team ensuring an effective operation and excellent guest service. In addition, he specializes in scheduling and human resources, giving him a well-rounded experience in business and finance. Lastly, Aseel is working on an initiative to help aid his home country Yemen. Aseel’s aspiration is to speak out against the world’s injustices.

If my life were a quote it would be “if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” I believe that if you’re ever too comfortable with what it is you are doing then it either means one of two things: you’re not doing it right or the work is too easy. Luckily being an immigrant and a Muslim who faces the repercussions of 9/11 will always come with challenges.

Islam teaches me to be humble and modest which is why I won’t be sharing any of my struggles or accomplishments. However, I can say that being an immigrant comes with a package of challenges. The challenge of reaching for success while multitasking work, school, friends, and family is something many, including myself, must face. We face pressure everywhere, such as trying to achieve the American dream or trying to do right by our parents who have risked everything they had for our happiness.

You’d think that living in America would be easy, but the truth is as soon as you overcome adversity, it doesn’t matter where you are, there will always be another one. The acceptance of the fact has been my source of motivation whenever put into a difficult situation.

Currently, my heart pours for our Muslim nations. Nations such as Syria, Palestine, Yemen, and Iraq are in turmoil. Other countries such as China and France who oppress Muslims by keeping them in concentration camps and banning headscarves. My aspiration is to speak out against any injustices I encounter. Currently, I am working on a fundraiser that will aid deprived neighborhoods in Sana, Yemen with clean fresh water, food, and packages for families suffering from famine. I plan on working closely with our city leaders soon speaking out against the media. I am constantly reminded how our news outlets are failing Middle Eastern counties by not reporting what is happening, however, little to no action has been done. I will not stop until we are represented fairly and till the whole world knows the truth about where we come from.

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